Christmas Tree Alternatives for Cat Owners

Christmas Tree Alternatives for Cat Owners: A Pet Proofing Guide

You think your cat’s the only culprit? Well, he’s got friends all over the world? Watching kittens wreck havoc on your Christmas tree may seem funny. But the thought of all that time it takes to prepare one, well, it still remains funny. Cats are basically obsessed with moving and playing with shiny, bright objects. The big, dangly bubbles are especially a sight to behold for the cats. However, damage to your holiday tree is not the only concern. Some cats actually sustain injuries when playing with Christmas trees. This brings us to two main points of focus. For starters, you want a Christmas tree that won’t be a hazard to your cat. Two, you also need a Christmas tree that won’t be ruined by your playful kitty. To keep both cat and tree safe side of things throughout the season, here are some Christmas tree alternatives for cat owners.

Christmas Tree Alternatives for Cat Owners – 7 Options

1. Christmas Tree Wall Tapestry

Pet-proofing your Christmas tree can be an amazing but rather challenging thing. One thing about this idea is that you’ll still be reminded that you are in the season. It’s also a great idea for people who have little space. However, your cats will only have to stare at the flat wall with no temptations whatsoever. One thing you’ll have to do without though, the scent of the freshly cut pine.

2. Collage of A Christmas Tree

This idea requires lots of DIY creativity. Get all the past holiday pictures and arrange them on the wall. For you to be on point, stick the pictures on the wall creating a pine shaped resemblance of a Christmas tree.

3. Ladder Tree

It’s time to change focus. For so long we’ve used the ladder to get to the hard to reach areas of the house. this time around, the ladder is the Christmas tree. It’s important to nevertheless ensure that the string lights are properly secured. For as much as the cats will be tempted to climb the ladder, it’s not as they would the Christmas tree. Pick a pet-friendly ladder tree that is wont be interfered with by your paw friend. Some of these are even specifically designed to act as distractions for kitties.

4. Hang an Invisible Tree

This is when you instead of the Christmas tree, you decide to hang the decorative ornaments on the ceiling. This has to be above the reach of the cats. Ensure that the ornaments are well secured on the ceiling in such a way that they are hard to be grabbed by the paws.

5. A Christmas Tree Shelf

This may seem to actually be the best option, especially in a tight space. The shelf can be used to hang the Christmas ornaments and other decorations. Just ensure that you do away with the long Christmas ribbons. This will help keep the cats away. If the shelves are large enough, use it to store your Christmas gifts.

6. Suspend The Christmas Tree

It may seem a bit rather farfetched, but suspending the Christmas tree works for both ways. You get to keep your cool and the cat gets to choose something else to play with. You also get to experience the joy of owning a real Christmas tree even though suspended. What suspending the tree does is that it reduces the chances of your kittens damaging your holiday tree.

7. Trim Down

Sometimes it will take plenty of your wits to outwit your kitty. And all this comes with making certain observations. For instance, you may have noticed that most cats are more interested in the middle part of the tree or below. If this happens to be your case, you may as well do away with anything below the midsection. This could mean trimming all the branches beneath the midsection of the tree. This design can help dissuade cats from playing games with your tree.

If your cat keeps off the Christmas tree for just a single day, be sure to reward them. Additionally, it’s important to keep the cat engaged with something apart from the Christmas tree. Provide them with toys in order to drain their energy.

Christmas Tree Alternatives for Cat Owners – Recommendations

1. Christmas Tree Shelf

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2. Plastic Christmas Tree Ornament

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