Bump Proof Locks

Help Protect Your Home From Burglars With Bump Proof Locks

The term lock bumping comes from the fact that a specially cut key is inserted into a door’s keyhole and then bumped or tapped by a screwdriver or any other object, the bumping does force the pins in the lock to jump to what is called the shear line , and with very little torque applied to the inserted key, the lock is opened. Unfortunately, slightly more than 90 % of Americans still use cylinder locks which are vulnerable to lock bumping. It is also worth noting that when a bump key is used to gain entry into your home, there is usually no sign of forced entry. Fortunately, there are several ways of protecting yourself.

First, you need to check your locks for signs that it bump protected: depending on the brand, a small positive (+) or negative (-) next to the keyhole is all you need to see to know that you locks are bump free. Alternatively, you can either take your door locks to a locksmith or have him come to your place and install some special pins which will make it difficult to bump your door.

Alternatively, you can replace your current locks with either light or heavy commercial grade locks or install the high security bump and pick resistant locks which are currently quite popular since more and more people are getting aware about the danger they are exposing themselves to on a daily basis with those old style cylinder locks which are all vulnerable to bumping.

Bump Proof Locks – Recommendations

Here are some examples of bump proof locks which are readily available in the market.

1) Product Name: BiLock Bump proof Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

Price: $ 245.00

URL: http://is.gd/DzmXtb

Details: it is designed with an expandable bolt to accommodate both 2 1/4 “and 2 3/8 “backsets. It is available with the quick change option, implying that the lock can be re-keyed in seconds without any lock disassembly. It does feature patented anti-drill and anti-pick cylinders and a strong and sturdy nickel silver key design. The bolt does include hardened steel pin and commercial rated deadbolts. The deadbolts can be either in Antique, satin chrome of brass. It does have an adjustable housing for 1 3/8” to 1 1/2 “doors. It is sold with two custom color keys with each lock and has restricted professional distribution.

2) Product Name: BiLock Bump Proof Knob Lock

Price: $ 245.00

URL: http://is.gd/zt5cvJ

Details: this doorknob does feature a BiLock core that allows the owner to lock the knob and thereby restrict access through the door. It is worth mentioning though that this lock only comes in the entrance function even though it is available on either the 2 1/2 inches or 2 3/8 inch backseat. It is available in different finishes and is bound to look good in your door whichever the outdoor style you want to adopt.

3) Product Name: Master Lock Night Watch Deadbolt With Bump Stop Cylinder

Price: $ 23.98

URL: http://is.gd/sEHMM5

Details: this single cylinder deadbolt does install like a standard deadbolt, it is easy to install: all you need is a Philips screwdriver. It does lock out unauthorized keys, be they lost or stolen. When the night watch is engaged, the lock cannot be opened from the outside, even if you use a duplicate key. It is also worth noting that this lock can only be disengaged or engaged from the inside of the house. It does feature Master Locks exclusive Bump Stop Advanced cylinder technology which is pick and bump proof. It is a good option to use at night and remain secure once all the key users are at home, you can also use it when going on vacation: you simply set the night watch on and then use another door to leave the house.

4) Product Name: SPA Design Grade 1 BiLock Cylinder

Price: $ 258.00

URL: http://is.gd/WdfMOj

Details: this is a Grade 1 heavy duty commercial lever lock. The outside handle does use the revered clutch mechanism to provide the door with extra security. This mechanism does allow the outside lever of the lock to always move without ever opening the door when locked, when it is unlocked, the outside lever is then automatically engaged to the open door. On the other hand, the proper key for the door will also retract the door latch so as to allow success. This is a secure door which is not only bump proof, but can also withstand a very high amount of traffic.

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