How to Build a Backyard Mini Golf Course

Build a Backyard Mini Golf Course For Summer Fun

Professional golf courses can be expensive and time-limiting. As a matter of fact, most professional golf courses are often occupied and booked in advance. This makes it hard for willing beginners and intermediaries to enjoy or even learn the sport. Having a mini golf course in your backyard can be a convenient way to keep you and your family entertained. It also creates a wonderful platform for your kids to learn and practice golf at home. Plus you won’t have to spend much of your money, time and energy visiting the golf club. With the right advice, you can transform your home and backyard into a hub of golf fun (and other activities like flying drones) for you and your family. You only need to have the right attitude, enough resources, and time at your disposal. And of course, some resources and creativity! Here are some helpful pointers on how to build a backyard mini golf course.

Build a Backyard Mini Golf Course – Five Pointers

Choose a Suitable Backyard Location and Plan

Depending on the size of your backyard, you can build a 1-hole to an 18-hole mini golf course. However, the word mini indicates that you’re probably not looking for a big putting field. The main idea is to decide the size of the course depending on the available space. You’ll also want to have some prior planning for the greens, holes, obstacles, and stuff. Make as simple or as complex as possible depending on whom you’re specifically creating it for. Also, check whether there’s any landscaping needed or drainage that needs to be addressed and excavate the area.

Design It on Paper

Designing is where the real planning comes in. Start by putting down your structural ideas on paper or whiteboard for each hole. Especially for the obstacles, take your time to conceptualize it all and add some creativity. At this point, it helps to brainstorm ideas online and even from expert golfers.

Put Your Plan into Action

Here’s where the hands-on work actually begins, especially now that you’ve decided on how many holes to include. For starters, consider creating course borders using blocks and bricks. You can even use locally available materials such as wood plunks, tennis cans and other objects to create obstacles. Consider including things such as bumpers, bridges, jumps, and raised rails for your obstacles. To mark your intended positions for the holes, you can use cups glued on pieces of wood. This brings us to a really important step of the whole process; designing your holes.

Some Holes and Features to Consider

There are lots of options for your holes and features when you decide to build a backyard mini golf course. Some of these include alley oops, surfing courses, zigzag borders, and L borders. Here are some tips on how you can go around each of these.

• Alley Oops:

A straightforward course where you only need to use bricks to create a box with a straight up opening. You can use plywood pieces on top of cinder blocks to create some kind of jump.

• “L” borders:

A more difficult design where you create a dogleg at the end of your L border. Stack some two sections of cinder blocks with 2 plywood planks on top to create obstacles.

• Surfing:

This is another straight course featuring a dogleg to the hole. Add some small ramp jumps along the way.

• Zigzag borders:

Build a course with brick borders with a zigzag pattern. Create obstacles and bumpers using cinderblocks, leaving just enough space for the ball to roll through.

Put Your Creativity at Play

As earlier pointed out, your creativity will be needed to successfully build a backyard mini golf course. Use locally available materials such as used tin cans, old toys, wood, and cups that you no longer need. Think about those car kits and their old tracks. What about wood clowns and cardboard for your obstacles and borders. Scrap from lighthouses and windmills can be useful too. Depending on what you have at your disposal, you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like.

Once you’ve built your golf course and you’re all set, be sure to get the necessary gear and equipment (including practice equipment). This will make your backyard sport both safer and more entertaining for you and your family. And in case you didn’t know, there’s lots of golf stuff for kids too. You can easily find appropriate items for all ages. Thank me later – nothing is more interesting than taking the scores as your lovely kids battle it out.

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