Best Mattresses for Pregnant Women

Best Mattresses for Pregnant Women – Five Shopping Tips

During pregnancy, it’s natural for a woman’s body undergoes a couple of changes. Among the many changes, a change in body shape is the most common. This means that additional pressure is or may be exerted on the lower back. No doubt about it, a pregnant woman needs to be comfortable at all times. And it goes without saying, that one should get lots of comfortable, quality sleep during pregnancy. The best mattresses for pregnant women will provide enough comfort and support to the lower back and the hips. Additionally, pregnancy can come along with a lot of emotional and hormonal changes. More often than not, these may be the source of sleeping difficulties in pregnant women.

But it goes without saying, that where you sleep can determine how you sleep. In an uncomfortable sleeping place, most women end up not sleeping at all, pregnant or not. Most importantly, not one mattress is a one-size-fits-all. The best mattress for an infant will definitely not be the best for a pregnant woman. When out there shopping, here are some important factors to consider to get the best mattresses for pregnant women.

Best Mattresses For Pregnant Women – 5 Factors

Support and Conformity

Conformity is the ability of the mattress to provide the necessary equal support and reduce pressure to all the areas of the body. It can be determined by how close the mattress surface contours to your sleeping profile. However, there are mattresses that will conform but will still exert some pressure on the lower back and spine due to gaps and spaces found on the surface, avoid such.

Because of issues to do with pressure on the lower back, finding a mattress that can support the spine should be the main objective. Some mattresses will tend to sag more in the places where more weight is exerted. This happens to be the midsection to pregnant women. To be sure of what to look out for, check the sagging depth of the mattress you are about to purchase.

Temperature Neutrality

Because of increased metabolic rate, most pregnant women complain of sleeping hot. Most pregnant women would prefer sleeping on a cooler surface than on a warm one. Nonetheless, sleeping hot is often a huge challenge that can ultimately affect the health of the unborn child. A good mattress for a pregnant woman should have a temperature neutral surface. The surface should not retain much of the heat produced by the body.

Mattress Firmness

Firmness refers to the way the mattress feels against the user’s body. Most physicians encourage women to use a firmer mattress rather than a soft one throughout the pregnancy trimesters. However, it is mostly based on your weight. On a softer mattress, a 270-pounds lady may sink more than a 160 pounds lady would on the same mattress. During pregnancy, a lighter person would prefer a softer mattress while a firmer mattress would suffice for a heavier person. Today, most mattresses have multiple options when it comes to firmness. They give you a variety of options to choose from if the brand is important for you.

Mattress Thickness

Thicker high-profile mattresses are preferred by most pregnant women. This is because getting up from a higher profile mattress is easier than in a lower profile one. Thicker mattresses also tend to provide extra support depending on the material.

Mattress Noise

Noise is an aspect that can contribute to sleeplessness during pregnancy. Unfortunately, some mattresses are a bit noisy, especially when getting on or from the bed as well as turning. This is often seen in most mattresses with internal components like springs or air chambers in electric mattresses. For virtually silent mattresses, go for latex or solid foam mattresses. However, the noise levels may vary from type to type, so weigh out your options well before buying. As a matter of fact, its part of the reason it’s recommended to sleep-test a mattress before buying.

While all these points are important, it all boils down to whatever makes you comfortable. If you find a mattress that supports your lower back and hips without too much pressure, go for it. Even after getting one of the best mattresses for pregnant women, always use the position you feel most comfortable in. nonetheless, it should be safe and comfortable for both you and your unborn child. The most comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy is to sleep on your side with a pillow tucked in-between your knees. You can also place a pillow under your tummy for support.

Best Mattresses for Pregnant Women – Recommendations

1) Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress

• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $575.00
• Link:

2) Simmons Beautyrest, Black Hybrid Gladney Luxury Firm 14-inch Mattress

• Buy From: Mattress Firm
• Price: $2,549.00 – $3,699.00 – Installments allowed
• Link:

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