Best Indoor Putting Green Mats

Best Indoor Putting Green Mats For Home Golf Practice

The game of golf is a competitive sport (and fun hobby). Like any other sport, it requires practice in order to perfect any move. However, one requires that they have the right training equipment. For you to train like a pro, putting mat is one of the most important pieces of equipment to own. A putting mat a piece of practice equipment that is so convenient for both indoor and outdoor golf practice. Read on to find out more about the best indoor putting green mats.

One of the best things about putting mats is that they are available in a variety of sizes. This means that you can choose the size that meets your specific needs. You can pick one for practice in your living room or go one that is specific for your backyard’s use. In other words, there are various types of putting mats available on the market today. However, choosing the best one will require you to consider a few factors. The following 2 are the most important considerations for picking the best indoor putting green mats.

Best Indoor Putting Green Mats – Factors

1. Features:

Ensure that the putting mat has all your personal preferences. To make the right decision about what features to look out for in the putting mat consider the following:

• How much you will be willing to pay
• How much time you have allocated for practicing
• The indoor space available for golf practicing

Also, there are so many putting mat brands and models to choose from. Each one of them comes with a specific set of features. Think about features such as the number of target holes and ball traps. Also, consider the material the mat is made from and whether it has an incline on the green. Some other features to think about may include putting aids and ball return feature.

2. Creasing

Ensure that the putting mat you want has a durable rubber underneath. This will keep the turf straight hence minimizing the chances of creasing. The rubber lining underneath is also helpful in ensuring that the putting mat is capable of outstanding the rigors outside. For you to have a consistent shot, you need an even surface.

After carefully considered the above factors, let’s look at some of the best indoor putting green mats.

Best Indoor Putting Green Mats – 4 Choices

1) SKLZ Accelerator Pro With Ball Return

For you to perfect your swing and your gaming, you need to practice and a good mat. The SKLZ Accelerator Pro mat is well known for a top-notch practicing experience. Apart from being the ultimate mat for indoors, it can be used outdoors too. The ball return feature is designed to allow you to stay still focused, and consistent throughout your practice. This is very important especially if you want to perfect your stance and technique. You also get to save time as you relax in the process.

2) The FORB Putting

This mat from Net World Sports offers you three different holes, almost triangular. This allows you to practice some angle putts. Although the matt works well in both indoor and outdoor setups, it has been made to last longer indoors. Therefore, it’s primarily made for indoor use. Because of the absence of the ball return feature, it is remarkably cheaper. Nonetheless, it can be an amazing tool to help you perfect your accuracy.

3) Balight Putting Mat

This unit ideal for indoor use and is considered best for those who want to push their limits. It has an automatic ball return system, dual-tracked with holes on each vertical side. It can be a perfect weapon to perfect your putting skills with. Because of the turf flexible material, you can easily fold it and use it wherever you like. It is considered very durable and. It also comes with a putter and several balls.

4) 25 Inch Putting Mat

This one is among the most reliable putting mats that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has an automatic ball return system with three holes at the end of the mat each in different sizes. It is large in size which provides a lot of room to master the shots. Golfers of all levels can practice with this putting mat.

There are many advantages of owning an indoor putting green mat. One of them is that you don’t have to wait until the next time you drive to the golf course. You can practice your swing or putting from home, even when the weather is unfavorable for golfing. You can practice wherever, even in your office. In most golf courses, you have to pay a membership fee even for your practice lessons. With the best indoor putting green mats on the market, you can rescue your wallet from this.

Best Indoor Putting Green Mats – Recommendations

1: SKLZ Accelerator Pro – Indoor Putting Green

• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $39.99
• Link:

2: Balight Putting Green Indoor/Outdoor Mat

• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $65.99
• Link:

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