Beaded Closet Door Curtains

Beaded Closet Door Curtains: From Bamboo To Shells

Beaded curtains can be sweetly hippie and bring a luxurious feel to any home décor. Using beaded closet door curtains is even more unique especially in a room that looks confined and uncomfortable. Beaded curtains come in a wide range of shapes, patterns, and sizes. One huge impressive thing about them, however, is that they can easily be adjusted, unlike other types of curtains. Choosing beaded curtains is also one way to move moving from the traditional to modern-day interior bedroom décor.

With hopes not to seem judgy, “this is the 21 first century.” This is what I told one of my colleagues and BFF back in college when I saw her door curtain. But a couple of years down the line, it can’t seem more ironic. She’s the first person I call for advice when I need to make major interior décor changes in my home.

Okay, enough about my average life. Beaded closet doors are just an amazing piece of art anyone ought to embrace. There are some important things to know and consider before choosing any type of closet curtains. Well, here are 4 reasons that beaded closet door curtains can be awesome.

Beaded Closet Door Curtains – 4 Pointers

1. Durability and Uniqueness

Unlike traditional cloth curtains that may need constant washing, beaded curtains are easy to keep clean and maintain. For closets, the curtains will provide a unique look. As a matter of fact, it’s advisable to choose one that blends well with the color of the closet. You can also blend it with the color of the room. This gives your closet the unique look of a piece of art. Additionally, beaded closet door curtains won’t need constant washing. They can be wiped once in a while to keep them clean and dust-free.

2. Affordability

In case you don’t have a source in mind, you can also make your own beaded curtains for your closet. All you need is some beads, a fabric of your choice, a pattern, and a helpful guide. Of course, you’ll need time and patience if it’s your first time working with beads. Additionally, custom-made options are also available. you can have one made according to your own preferences and demands. This also widens your options for color, size, length, and pattern. You can have something made that transforms your previously boring or routine curtain door into something worth appreciation. Also, one can buy an off shelf beaded curtain, measure the size of the cupboard and adjust the curtain.

3. Allure in Beaded Curtains

Besides giving your closet a perfect, simple but sophisticated look, beaded curtains can also help ensure your closet stays organized. It’s in layman’s language, a way to stay decent without doubting yourself. Especially friends, anyone can walk into a closet and open it. No one appreciates an indecent and disorganized closet. Using a beaded, quality curtain for your closet can boost your morale to keep the contents in best order.

4. Fixing Beaded Curtains

Fixing beaded curtains does not really need a professional. When buying such curtains, it is important to inquire instructions on how to fix them without entangling them. One will, therefore, need to fit the curtain on the aluminum tracks. The panels provide easy access to the closet as one does not have to pull the curtain from the sides. You just have to slide them apart once mounted.

Beaded curtains give a closet an elegant look and come in different varieties from bamboo to shells. Artistically inclined people can make great beads from anything including bottle tops. Closest are places that are accessed almost all the time, and they need to be appealing and compelling. Having the wrong color and choice of the bead can be a turn-off. However less architectural, closet beads look simple but also striking. Anyone, especially those in confined rooms, can get perfect fit beads carefully threaded into long good looking pieces and those that blend with the room colors. All in all, beaded closet door curtains are an important investment to anyone. Especially if you just did a closet makeover or changed your closet doors bead curtains can suffice well.

Beaded Closet Door Curtains – Recommendations

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