Bathtub Safety Appliqués

Bathtub Safety Appliqués: Accident Prevention Tips

When it comes to bathrooms, safety is one of the most important aspects to ensure, especially during construction and remodeling. Higher safety standards should always be observed in residents with an elderly member or young kids. Bathroom floors can be slippery, no thanks to the tile flooring and soaps used in the shower. However, non-slip bathroom tile flooring options exist, which are much safer.

Slipping or skidding in the bathtub is also deleterious to anyone, let along the very young and the seniors. This is where bath safety accessories come into play. Most bathtub safety appliques come in the form of non-slip fixtures that are especially handy and easy to use. They’re designed to work with basically any bathtub, making it safer and livelier for playful kids in the bath. They prevent slipping, thereby minimizing the risk of bathroom injuries. But what are some of the safety bath accessories you should know of? Without any further ado, here are a few essential bathtub safety appliques you want to know about.

Bathtub Safety Appliques – The Essentials

1. Adhesive Bathtub Treads

Just like the name suggests, these are synthetic pieces of material that you stick onto the surface of the bathtub. They are designed to make the bath non-slip. They are made from a tender material that is also non-slip itself. To install, you just stick the treads onto the surface according to the manufacturer’s instructions and you’re good to go. Apart from helping to add safety features in the bathtub, they’re a great way to also complement the bathroom décor. They come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Each piece offers some uniqueness in the way they are designed.

2. Bathtub Nonslip Stickers

Nonslip bathtub stickers have been around for quite a while. They’re available in a wide array of colors but most have great patterns and the graphics are so child-friendly. They are both durable and provide solid traction, not forgetting they are also mold and stain resistant. Their application is generally easy, especially to any handy person. In especially homes with children, go for the animated stickers.

3. Bathtub Safety Mats

These are mostly rectangular and non-slip mats that stick to the floor of your bathtub. They can also be used to resurface the bathtub apart from being used as a safety feature. They’ll give your bathtub a complete makeover. You have several options to choose from, ranging from patterned mats to clear ones. Most of the mat’s surface is covered with suction cups that stick to the bathtub floor. Some options are also made with an antibacterial substance that helps prevent bacterial growth.

4. Bathtub Transfer Bench

Also known as the shower bench or chair is a mobility chair that helps a person sit on when they are getting into the bathtub. It’s especially important when there’s a senior citizen in the house. It’s a safety applique that has helped to minimize injuries that arise when the elderly are getting into the bathtub. The bench’s legs have suction cups that grip the bottom of the bathtub, ensuring that the bench doesn’t slip when one is sitting on them.

Bathtub Safety Handles, Boards, and Grab Bars

You’ll always be at peace knowing that your bathtub is installed with safety handles and grabs. These help one pull themselves from the tub. This is especially important with those having mobility problems. They provide the much-needed support and increase the much-needed safety especially when stepping in and out of the shower. The safety bars are made to be sturdy and strong, well able to support more than 300lbs of weight. The grips are comfortable, made of rubber handles an important element when it comes to improving your grip.

Given that most of the fatal home accidents happen in the bathroom, fitting the bathroom with safety features should be at the top priority of any homeowner. The safety appliques should, therefore, provide for some sort of adjustability. Children, senior citizens and those with physical challenges have problems maintaining balance. Adding safety features in the bathroom is especially important. There are so many safety options when it comes to the bathroom. The above are just but some of the most important bathtub safety appliqués you should know of.

Bathtub Safety Appliqués: Recommendations

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2: Moen 12-Inch Stainless Steel Bathroom Grab Bar

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