Bathtub Fixtures

Bathtub Fixtures – Renovation Choices

For many people, the bathroom space never seems to be enough. It always feels a bit snug. Even though it is true that the average size of bathrooms in new homes has almost doubled, the same is not the case in mobile homes. There are several ways though of creating space in your bathroom. One of the first tips is to always keep you bathroom cornered, you can install shelving or alternatively build your storage units into the corner. The bathtub could also be positioned in the corner, along with new bathtub fixtures.

You can also opt to replace your old toilet with a compact and elongated model and get rid of the round front toilet you have. It is also advisable to stick with solid colors, busy patterns tend to overpower small spaces and end up shrinking the space, opt for natural and light tones for that spacious feel. Another important tip is to change your sink faucet to a single hole model which is quite space saving.

It is also important to streamline the shower and choose a shower screen or sliding shower door which won’t require space for door clearance. The clear glass usually acts as a window, creating the perception that there is even more space available.

Bathtub Fixtures – Recommendations

To maximize on available bath space, here are some bathtub fixtures which are bound to help you in the process.

1) Product Name: 86 Inches Stainless Steel Replacement Shower Hose

Price: $ 15.47


Details: it is durably made with stainless steel in a very sleek and stylish chrome finish. This hose is bound to complement many décor styles and is also bound to provide users with strong water pressure that’s ideal for an enjoyable shower experience. It is easy to install and does fit many standard hand held shower assembles. It is quite long and very flexible for ease of use, giving users a lot of mobility. It is sold with a limited lifetime warranty.

2) Product Name: 5 Function Hand shower and Shower head Combo kit

Price: $ 88.00


Details: it does allow for very comfortable movement and the five spray setting does deliver a wide variety of water flow options. The suction installation does ensure a hassle free set up whereas the brushed nickel finish does help in enhancing the overall look of the bathroom. It is easy to install with basically no tools required for this particular installation, the system simply attaches to the shower arm. The ergonomic hand held bracket as well as the diverter does make using the wall bar easy and comfortable. The hand held shower does provide 8 inches of movement along the bar: this makes it quite flexible and easy to adjust for the whole family.

3) Product Name: 3 Spray Shower head in Chrome

Price: $ 9.98


Details: it does feature a 2.5 GPM water flow rate and three settings to customize the water flow for personal preference. It is easy to maintain with the rub clean nozzles helping in prevention of mineral build up so as to ensure lasting durability. The three settings of full/pulse, pulse/full and full combinations does provide the user with plenty of cleaning power for an enjoyable and memorable shower experience. It is sold with a limited lifetime warranty and is very easy to install as there are no tools required.

4) Product Name: One Handle Shower Only Faucet (Chrome)

Price: $ 69.00


Details: this faucet is built for today’s busy household with baths bustling with lots of activity all day. It is designed to endure tough and harsh use and is sold complete with a trim and rough in. it is a single handle for ease of temperature as well as volume control. It does also have a monitor scald guard which keeps the water temperature within the required temperature readings. It is also worth mentioning that the faucet does provide some strong water pressure and comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers both finish and parts defects.

5) Product Name: Perfect Solutions Premium Swing Arm Mirror

Price: $ 129.99


Details: this arm mirror does have an extendable arm that stretches up to 16” that provides both convenience and functionality. It is equipped with 2 sides which both display a well defined and clear reflection. The compact size and easy accessibility does make this mirror a perfect choice for many bathrooms. The swing arm is constructed using solid brass and has 3 attaching joints: one connects the frame of the mirror. One connects to the wall and one connects in the middle. All the three joints are quite flexible and all move to the preference of the user. It does also have a 3X magnification capability.

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