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Backsplash Choices: The Different Types Of Materials Available

Adding a quality backsplash offers one of the best ways to enhance the functionality of your kitchen or bathroom, while delivering the much-needed punch to a tired decor without spending a lot of money. The kitchen backsplash prevents grease and food stains from contaminating and ruining the look of your walls. In the bathroom, the backsplash prevents water from reaching the wall behind the sink – which could result in water damage.

Available in a wide range of materials, colors and patterns, backsplashes can be found in any look to suit your kitchen’s style. There so many options available, providing you with the flexibility that you need to create a highly functional backsplash and make it an integral part of your kitchen or bathroom design concept.

Because the endless choices available can prove mind-boggling, it’s important that you consider your budget, theme/decor, the specific area on which you want to fit the backsplash, the color of your vanities, countertops or cabinets, and whether you’ll be doing the work yourself or hiring a contractor before going shopping for the type of material you want for your backsplash.

Backsplash Choices – Types And Recomendations

Here are the most common types of backsplashes:

1) Tile (Porcelain and Ceramic)

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are probably the most common materials used for both kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. This is because ceramic and porcelain are inexpensive, easy to install and maintain, and are also highly customizable. Their smooth, wipe-clean surface and durability make them an easy sell. In addition, they come in an extensive selection of styles, textures and color that there is always something to appeal to everyone.

Recommendation: Oblong Adhesive Decorative Wall Tile

Price: $5.98/ each


Product details: These “no-grout” tiles overlap at the borders, which makes them extremely easy to install. In fact, you don’t need any experience or to hire a contractor to install these tiles. They are also very flexible and humidity resistant.

2) Glass

Glass is becoming an increasingly popular option for backsplashes. Glass tiles have a sleek, urban feel, and are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles and you can rest be assured of finding whatever you’re looking for. You can mix and match color so you can come up with your own design. Nonetheless, glass tiles can be expensive and may scratch. They are also difficult to cut and grouting requires prior knowledge and experience. As a result, you’ll need to hire a professional to install them.

Recommendation: Viridian Pearl Moonlight recycled glass tile

Price: $132.99


Product details: These are 98-percent recycled mosaic glass tiles that can add a modern touch to your decor as well as a sense of style to your kitchen or bathroom.

3) Metal

Solid-sheet metal backsplashes deliver a clean, streamlined look that can help add elegance and a sense style to your property, while ensuring you have a durable, easy-to-clean and low maintenance backsplash. Some of the metals that are used as backsplash materials include: stainless steel, tin, copper and brass.

Recommendation: Baroque Square Pewter Metallic Resin Wall Medallion Tile

Price: $4.95 each


Product details: These quality metallic medallion tiles consist of a metallic painted textured surface and a resin base. They will give your kitchen or bathroom a unique design element to express your personal style.

4) Beaded-board

Beaded-board and other wooden backsplashes come in exciting and interesting patterns that are showing up in of-the-moment kitchen designs. This form of paneling is often covered in series of distinctive grooves that make it visually interesting, while creating a very unique appearance.

Recommendation: Birch Beadboard Paneling

Price: $38.97 / each


Product details: Birch beadboard paneling provides a great and lovely departure from conventional paneling.
This fresh, lightwood will give your kitchen or bathroom an elegant and comfortable feel, complementing your individual style.

5) Natural Materials

Natural materials, such as travertine, marble, granite, limestone, onyx, terrazzo, sandstone, serpentine stone, flagstone, bluestone and more, can make beautiful and long-lasting backsplashes. These materials allow you to create a modern and elegant kitchen that offers a fascinating interior space.

Recommendation: Mediterranean Walnut Pattern Honed-Unfilled-Chipped Travertine Tile

Price: $3.99 / sq. ft.


Product details: Natural stone travertine with chipped edges offers one of the best backsplash materials for creating a rustic look. This tile comes in a large selection of sizes and accessories, and can be laid in a single layout or a pattern to create your desired look for residential or commercial installation.

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