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Awning Options – Help Keep The Sunlight At Bay

An awning added to your home is a great investment. Awnings have been known to increase energy efficiency levels in homes by reducing instances of sunlight and glare, this is especially so when the awnings are installed over windows. Awnings can also be used over a patio or deck to protect outdoor flooring and furniture from fading. They also increase the use of outdoor space which would otherwise not be utilized by providing protection from light rain and harsh sunlight rays.

Generally, awnings can either be fixed or retractable. For obvious reasons, many patio and porch awnings are retractable while almost all door awnings are permanent. Fixed awnings are usually attached permanently to a wall and become a permanent addition to the home. Retractable awnings on the hand can be opened or pulled back so as to provide the required cover: they usually extend manually with a hand crank or have motorized controls.

Awnings are also available in a variety of materials used as covers. The most common materials used to make awnings are canvas (cotton in certain quarters), Polyester, Acrylic coated and Laminate or Vinyl coated. Cotton or canvas is the traditional awning material, it is strong and durable and also known to be water resistant and machine washable. Polyester has also gained popularity, it blocks UV rays while still allowing some rays of sunlight to come through. It is also breathable, relatively easy to maintain and very durable and long lasting. The Vinyl coated awnings are water and flame resistant even though they are prone to fading and will look tardy pretty fast. The acrylic is neither flame nor water resistant but its color is long lasting and can therefore look beautiful for a very long time .

Awnings are generally categorized by where they are placed or used and when checking out available awning options it is important to consider them from that perspective. There are thus Window, Door, Patio and Porch awnings.

Window Awnings

Window awnings are not only attractive but they are also energy efficient. Studies have shown that on a hot day, more energy gets lost through one square foot of glass than through an entire wall that’s insulated. Window awnings reduce the internal temperature of the home and also reduce the cooling bills. Awnings with sides are highly recommended for most windows.

Door Awnings

Door Awnings are designed to protect your home and yourself from the harsh weather at your doorway: be it a sliding or French door. Door awnings are usually non retractable and are normally designed in such a way to allow the door to open outward while still protecting you from the vagaries of nature. They are also made from a variety of materials and are available in a rainbow of colors.

Patio Awnings

Patio awnings can create an upscale outdoor living room that’s ideal and perfect for simply relaxing with family members or entertaining guests. For mobile homes, this is an ideal option since most of these awnings are retractable. For any home, adding a patio awning is considered like making a relatively low cost room addition to the home while still adding some value to the home. Since most of them are retractable, they can be extended or retracted using a motor or hand crank.

Porch Awnings

Porch awnings are usually designed to provide some shade and privacy. With the ease of a pulley system and a rope, these awnings can be conveniently lowered or raised to a desired height. These awnings are usually quite simplistic yet graceful solution to using your porch freely and complimenting its décor at the same time. There are also valances which can add some decorative look to any porch without necessarily obstructing your view as the homeowner. Custom made valances can be made in any width or length and are usually hung from the underside of the porch ceiling.

The market is awash with numerous awnings, coming in different sizes, color schemes and pricing. Here are some examples:

1) Product Name: PYC Door Awnings 73” – 84” Wide

Product URL:

Product Price: $ 440.00

2) Product Name: Spear Window Awnings 24” Projection up to 180” wide

Product URL:

Product Price: $ 265.00

3) Product Name: Sunflexx® Retractable Patio Awnings 6 ft projection with custom widths up to 25 ft

Product URL:

Product Price: $ 1989.00

4) Product Name: Clear Vinyl Porch Roller Awning (curtains) up to 6 ft Wide

Product URL:

Product Price: $ 295.00

5) Product Name: Patio Awning Valance

Product URL:

Product Price: $ 12.00 per linear foot.

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